The Encounter

Last Thursday was the first “Encounter” of the year at FPU. This is an annual event that goes on about three times a year. It is an opportunity for junior and senior high school students to come to our school for two days and get a small taste of what college life is like. This event is very special to me as I attended The Encounter a year ago and it is definitely one of the reasons why I am at FPU. I remember feeling so at home when I arrived, and it was during College Hour at last year’s Encounter that I really felt God calling me to come to this school. It’s hard to believe that was already a year ago!

At about six o’ clock, my module (East Hall 2) welcomed about ten girls into our home for the night. Each room was assigned one roommate to stay with them. My guest was a sweet girl who was thinking about coming to FPU next year to play water polo. My roommates and I enjoyed having her because it was almost like having a little sibling who looked up to us. We got to answer questions and tell her stories of all of the fun times we’ve had so far. I think we made positive impact on her and represented the school well.

Throughout the two days, the students from The Encounter had their schedule planned for them by the hour. They were pretty busy, but when evening came we finally got to bond with them by having them join us for Mod Feuds. This is a competition between the various living areas on campus and takes place all over the school. Students in creative and silly costumes team up with the girls in their mod and travel together from station to station, competing in crazy games for points. The most-talked about game was definitely “Ultimate Octopus.” Yes, it is what it sounds like. We played ultimate frisbee with a dead octopus! As gross as that sounds, it was really fun. My mod ended up in third place by the end of the night, but we can still win the overall competition because there’s a second round. Everyone wants to win the prize, which are sweatshirts that the winning mod gets to design for their whole floor. Round two, and the next Encounter will take place next Tuesday night, and I can’t wait!

Dancing with the girls! Go East Hall 2!