Dorm Life

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Yesterday was a blur. I was on the go for nine hours straight and then had a pile of homework waiting for me when I got back to the dorm. On top of that, I had a Mod Meeting in the common area at 10 pm, a meeting with all the girls on my floor to discuss upcoming events. I was exhausted, annoyed even. However, after five minutes of sitting together with all the girls on the couch, my mood started to lift. Emily, my Resident Assistant, led the meeting and shared announcements. The main ones included The Encounter, which will be in a few weeks, Fall Formal at the Chafee Zoo in the beginning of November, and a Six Flags trip for $30. I think it’ll be exciting! We also decided to begin something called “Secret Sisters” throughout our dorm. This is very similar to Secret Santa, except everyone draws the name of a girl in the mod and we each leave them something special every so often throughout the semester. Some girls leave candy bars by the door, some buy the girls little things such as nail polish, and others just write encouraging notes for their sister. I haven’t decided what I’m doing for my Secret Sister yet, but I want it to be creative! Looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time on

My new room!

Besides Mod Meetings, my floor spends time together in many different ways. We go to sporting events, eat lunch together, and we’ve even had a Spa Night! I also love to just relax and watch movies with them. As a Mod, I’d say we’re getting very close, and I’m so grateful that all of the girls are sweet. When I have a bad day, I feel like I can go to several of them for advice. I’m definitely the closest with my roommates, though. We hang out every day, and have long conversations together in the evening. I’m finding that their personalities are very similar to mine, and I feel like that is a blessing. I guess you might even call us the “boring dorm room.” We tend to go to bed before 11 pm every night and spent many hours in silence working on our homework. We’re hard-working girls, and we’ve learned that it definitely pays off. However, we also have many moments of smiles and laughter together. In my opinion, it’s nice to share a room with people who can help you with your homework, talk with you about faith and relationships, and help you decide what outfits to wear each day. I’ve never had sisters like that before, and I can’t wait to see what memories we make together this year. Thanks for reading.


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