TL Program Alumna Spotlight: Tanya Whitehouse

Congratulations to Tanya Whitehouse, who recently received her Master of Arts degree in School Library and Information Technology!

Her thesis is entitled: Computer-Based Reading Versus Print-Based Reading: Effectiveness and Preference for the High School Population.  She shared the following about her thesis journey: 

“The thesis process was challenging. There were times I wished I was in a program that was just classes or a test, but I am now so grateful that I wrote a thesis instead. Not only was it rewarding and something I am very proud of, my topic has come up repeatedly since I did the study, and I can speak with authority about my results and the results from other studies I read while doing research. It has led to some interesting conversations and debates with teachers, administrators, and fellow teacher librarians.

I also learned so much! I now understand the thesis process and can apply it to other projects, like perhaps writing a PhD study and dissertation someday. I can’t imagine trying to tackle a PhD without first writing a thesis. Before and during the writing of my thesis paper, I thought about giving up. I am proud that I persevered and completed it. I am proud of the final thesis and study I completed. And I am now part of the community of published scholars. There is no substitute for that experience!”

I am very proud of Tanya for persevering through this challenging process and producing high quality work!  The staff and students with which she works are very blessed to have her as their Teacher Librarian.