AASL 2017 National Conference Highlights

This past week I attended the American Association of School Librarians Conference to take an in-depth look at the new National School Library Standards and begin planning for how we will integrate these into the Teacher Librarian Program coursework:

The opening general session keynote speaker was Jaime Casap, Google Education Evangelist.  His main point was that the #1 skill needed in the post-secondary world is that of problem solving.  As such, educators need to begin asking new questions of today’s students, such as “What problem do you want to solve?” instead of “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Since we cannot predict what jobs will be waiting for future graduates, we also need to follow up students’ answers to the first question with “What knowledge, skills, and abilities do you need to solve that problem?” By encouraging and equipping students to develop the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities to match their problem-solving goal(s), we will effectively prepare them for the future.  I was pleased to learn that the new National School Library Standards provide a framework for this.

I also learned about new AASL advocacy resources that are now available to promote “School Librarians as Learning Leaders.” We will definitely put these to use within the Teacher Librarian Program!