Implications of Makerspaces for School Libraries

Our Teacher Librarian Program candidates continue to add research to the school library field! Benet Hammoudeh recently completed the requirements for the Master of Arts in School Library & Information Technology. Her thesis, entitled Implications of Makerspaces for School Libraries, outlines the following:

This study was conducted in a large, comprehensive high school in California in early 2017. Qualitative instruments were used including pre- and post-interviews, observation notes, field notes, and participant journals. A total of 10 students in the 10th through 12th grades, of various genders and ethnicities, participated in this study which lasted three weeks. The research questions explored in this study were as follows:

How does a makerspace impact school librarianship?

How do makerspaces inside school libraries support the mission of the library?

How do makerspaces impact the collection of a school library?

Participants worked on activities in the makerspace for a minimum of one hour each week throughout the study. Choices of makerspace activities included 3D pen creations, guitar pick designs, scratch-off mandalas, electronic experiments, blank books, and Spirograph® drawings. After review and coding of the qualitative instruments, common themes and patterns emerged. The results of the case study revealed the image of the school library was not fully harmonious with the library mission. Other results indicated the duties of a makerspace librarian to be similar to those of a typical teacher-librarian. Emergent patterns revealed the makerspace activities fostered self-awareness and stress relief. A final result indicated participants found the makerspace to be a fun addition to the library and believed a permanent makerspace would change the views of the library and bring more frequent visitors.

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Please join me in congratulating Benet!