Guided Inquiry Design Workshop

On March 14th and 15th, several FPU Teacher Librarian Program students attended the first two days of a workshop focused on Guided Inquiry design (GId).  The workshop was hosted by Selma Unified (thanks to Maria Petropulos, District Library Coordinator and adjunct instructor for our TL Program!) and facilitated by Leslie Maniotes, co-author of Guided Inquiry Design: Learning in the 21st Century and other Guided Inquiry Design titles.  Participants were guided through the process of planning and implementing a learning activity based upon the GId process.   GId is an excellent process for building bridges across each of our newer sets of K-12 student learning standards (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Model School Library) that emphasize elements of inquiry-based learning, the development of students’ critical thinking skills, and information literacy.  Participants will return for a third day of the workshop in April to reflect upon the planning and implementation of their GId projects with their teaching teams.

The GId is addressed in the Teacher Librarian Program in LIB 710: Instructional Partnerships.  It was great to be able to spend time learning about the GId in-depth with its co-creator and in person alongside FPU students that we normally only interact with online!