Bibliotherapy and Third Culture Kids

It is exciting to see how our Teacher Librarian Program candidates are adding research to the school library field!  Rebecca VanWeerdhuizen recently completed the requirements for the Master of Arts in School Library & Information Technology. Her very well-written thesis, entitled Bibliotherapy and the Third Culture Kid Transition Process, outlines the following:

The purpose of this case study was to explore the means by which carefully-selected pieces of transition literature (both fiction and nonfiction) affects the transition process of Third Culture Kids as they leave their host country and culture, return to their passport country to attend college/university, and transition into their passport country’s culture. The participant, a 17-year-old graduating high school senior, left her host country where she had lived for the previous four years as a Third Culture Kid, repatriated to her passport country, the United States, and began her university studies. In the midst of this transition, the participant read two transition-related texts and wrote responses with her thoughts about each of them. The researcher examined this data along with archival data from the participant’s Capstone journals for her transition-related class at her international school and data from two separate interviews – the first conducted prior to her departure from her host country and the second six weeks after she began her university studies. The researcher found evidence that the participant’s transition process was indeed affected positively by the bibliotherapy activities she participated in (reading the transition texts and responding by writing out her thoughts) but that those were not the only reasons for her successful transition from her host country and culture to her passport country and culture. The researcher discovered that school librarians and other laypersons could use bibliotherapy as a tool in helping Third Culture Kids transition but it would be best used in conjunction with other transition activities.

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Congratulations, Rebecca!