TL Program Face-to-Face Events

Last week FPU Teacher Librarian Program candidates that attended the California School Library Association Conference (CSLA) in San Diego had the opportunity to meet one another face-to-face during a FPU Meet & Greet session.  This was a great time of conversation with current candidates, alumni, instructors, and friends of the program.   Many thanks to CSLA and the Bahia Resort & Hotel for providing meeting space for us on the Bahia Belle – it was a lovely venue and a fantastic conference!

Though our fully online coursework is convenient and provides benefits to those needing a flexible schedule and/or do not live close to FPU, we believe that relationships are enhanced and a sense of community is strengthened by engaging in face-to-face interaction.  We are able to partially achieve this through video conferencing opportunities, but in-person events seem to provide the richest interaction!  Our next opportunity for in-person collaboration will be during our March 11th Leadership Day event, Digital Discernment with Dr. Mike Ribble.    This event is intended to be a professional development and connection event for credential candidates, teacher librarians, administrators, classroom teachers, and all who are interested in exploring the topic of digital citizenship in K-12 schools.  Please join us!  Registration closes on Friday, February 19th

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