By Reilly Reis Today was our last day in Galilee. We started our day off with an approximately 2 hour hike up the cliffs of Mount Arbel. During parts of the bike cables and handles were necessary! It was a fairly intense hike. There were some pretty neat remains of. Castle built into the sides […]

At Qumran!

Today, we were able to go up to Massada, which is located in the region of Judea and it is also, near the Dead Sea. Going up the hills is becoming easier, because we have been hiking a lot. We also planned to get up extra bright up and early in order to catch the […]

Walking Where Jesus Walked

May 20, 2016 Today we were able to see the remains of the wall of Jerusalem during the First Temple period which is most likely around 586-1000 B.C. On the streets of Jerusalem, one is also able to see where the wall used to be by looking at the road on the ground, which is […]

Friday 5/27

By Reilly Reis Today’s journey began with our drive to Old Shiloh. At the site of Old Shiloh we talked about the history of the Tabernacle and Eli’s sinful sons. While we were there we were also able to learn more about the twelve tribes of Israel and their unique relationships with one another. Next […]

Day 5 5/21

By Reilly Reis Today we had the amazing opportunity of hiking through the Wadi-kelt, which is located near the Wilderness of Israel. On our way to our our hike we took a historical route for part of the way. As we journeyed up the Ascent of Adumim (the historical route) it was neat ti imagine […]

The Land Between

Derek Kliewer The rich history of Jerusalem is apparent on every single side of the city, the outskirts, and within the city itself.  Our group spent a large portion of the day traveling around different outlying areas of Jerusalem, taking in breathtaking views, sacred sites, and archaeological remains.  The history of every site was detailed […]

Study Abroad Israel 2016 Day 2

By Reilly Reis It is only our second day in Israel, but I am quickly falling in love with the rich culture and history of God’s Holy Land. It seems that everywhere you turn there is something of religious or historical significance. Today we walked into Old City Jerusalem, which was truly a remarkable experience. […]