How ought we to live?

7/18/14 Elijah Roth Today was our last day of field study. I am a little sad. I’m ready to be home, but I am not ready to leave. Anyways, we began our day in the Old City, and made our way to the Catholic Church that commemorates the Upper Room. This building wasn’t as ornate […]

Jesus is Arrested in the Garden

This trip has been so meaningful to me. Words cannot describe the experience. It’s bringing tears to my eyes just thinking about the last five weeks and the fact that they are coming to a close. I miss my friends and family, but I am truly going to miss living in Israel with the lifestyle […]

Galilee day 3!

Haylie Copeland Wednesday July 16, 2014 Shalom! Today we started off our morning with a beautiful boat ride across the Sea of Galilee! We took pictures and enjoyed singing hymns as we sailed across the Sea. We have been walking where Jesus walked and today we got to swim and sail where Jesus walked! We […]

The wedding at Cana

Delbert Warkentin Today was our second day in Galilee. It was a tiring but an amazing experience as we had our longest hike today. The first site that we went to was Jotaphata which was the place where Flavius Josephus lived in 60AD who was responsible for fortifying the Galilee area when he was “caught” […]


Galilee-ward today… We will be staying in En Gev for the next couple of days,I think we are all pretty excited. Before we can go to En Gev we have a day filled with adventure. We started our day off over looking the Jezreel Valley. The lookout point is right outside of Nazareth so we […]

Christmas in May!

7/12/14 Elijah Roth Our first stop on today’s journey was at the lookout of Tayelet. This was just outside of Jerusalem and we could look out and get a very good sense of the Topography from here. It was beautiful. Since it was Sabbath there were barely any cars on the road and it was […]

Masada and the Dead Sea!

Today we did a few things that we already did in our previous three weeks of being here. Though some of it is repetitive I feel I am able to gain and even deeper understanding of things once I see and hear them twice. Not only that but now that I have a basic understanding […]

Haylie Copeland

Thursday July 10,2014 Today was one of the first days that I was physically exhausted but I was able to power through and get to lecture this morning! Where Rabbi Moshe was our guest speaker he talked to us about rabbinic literature and parables. It was interesting to hear the thoughts from a Jewish Rabbi’s […]

Jesus and His Times Megan Weber

Shalom, There have been a lot of changes in the past few days here in Israel. A group of us took off to Jordan for the weekend while others left to go home. Jordan was absolutely amazing, but it was nice coming back to Jerusalem. It has come to feel like a home away from […]

Dome of the Rock

Delbert Warkentin Our day started earlier today as we left at 7:30am for the Zion Gate. Our first stop, after passing through security, was going up to the temple platform where the Dom of the Rock stands. Out of respect for the month of Ramadan we did not drink any water while we were there. […]