Haylie Copeland

Friday June 27th
Today was a fairly relaxed day! We went to the city of the tabernacle which is called ancient Shiloh. This is where the tabernacle was established and where the land was divided among the tribes. We were able to discuss the importance of this place and relate it to the text in 1 Samuel 4 and the bringing of the covenant into Shiloh. It is so amazing to read scripture in the actual spot where it took place. Then we went to the Israel Museum, they had a miniature model of the old city that was extremely detailed and descent size! There were different sections like art, archaeology, a clothing and a culture section. The museum was interesting to walk around and it was very cool! My favorite part was the archaeology section. There were skeletons found that dated back over 92,000 years ago! I found this extremely fascinating to see!