Written By: Cierra Guerra I feel my spirit in the leaves I’m falling falling in the breeze I let you lead me and let you guide me where you want me to go. Where I’ll end up only you know. I had started to think that I belonged on the tree. But know I let […]

Kolkata Adventures

Written By: Rocio Claros Among the many adventures we have experienced here in Kolkata, India, there is one in particular that I would like to share. About a few days ago we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the state of Orissa with the MCC organization. The purpose of the trip was to see […]

A Whole New World

Written By: Micaela Gutierrez ‘Sup everyone! This is Micaela G. reporting live from Kolkata. Well, maybe not live as we our blog is a little outdated considering the WiFi issues but that is just one of the aspects of this exciting Indian experience. Speaking of the Indian experience, allow me to share a little of […]