An Indian Grandmother

Natalie Rogers This last week has gone by very quickly, and it feels like we have just begun to learn about life here in Shamshabad, India, about each other, and even about ourselves. My husband Austin and I have been blessed to have growing relationships here on the MBCB campus and we know that when […]

Christian Concern Mission

Kalyn Mello Wow, only two and half weeks left in Shamshabad.  I remember the first week seemed to drag on forever with everyone getting over jet lag and the initial culture shock. Now it seems to be flying by to the point we aren’t sure what day it is and trying to keep up with […]


Nick Swan Wow things are going by so quickly. Early this morning we had to say good bye to Ken Friesen as he is starting his journey back to Fresno today. These last couple of days have definitely been a milestone in the trip for the team with the transition from Ken’s class and starting […]

Thursday, September 11

-Elizabeth Flores My summer (don’t worry I won’t talk about it long) was mostly uneventful (that’s it, that’s all I had to say about my summer) and since this semester began our days have been full. We have had our down time (thank you, Jesus), which has been much appreciated. For instance, today was quite […]

Keep the Chai coming…

Jesica Uriostegui It has been over a week since we left home and arrived in Shamshabad, a suburb of Hyderabad in the district of Telangana, India. The journey from West to East continues as we are continually adjusting to a new setting with much to see and soak in. At times it becomes easy to […]

Life in Shamshabad

-Emily Broomfield We have just come to finish our first full week here in Shamshabad. Each day has been an adventure, full of surprises around every corner. We have spent days on the MBCBC campus getting to know the students here and exploring different topics surrounding life in India. We have also spent many days […]

A Warm Welcome

By: Alexa Fox India, otherwise as known as where East meets West. After about four days, our team has finally been able to experience a taste of what this diverse country has to offer. Being nearly half way around the world has shown us that the world has much to offer, it is just up […]