To Coban We Went

This past weekend we traveled to Coban, Guatemala. The trip was absolutely perfect, and I loved how we started the weekend off by attending Fundameno Organization (a Mayan Mennonite Organization). It was awesome to see all of the projects that our very own FPU through MCC supports every year though the MCC Sale. Seeing first hand […]

Advertisement in a New Light

As I prepared for my trip to Guatemala I did some last minute shopping. As I walked around the Fresno mall  and  I noticed  a lot of Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, some Asian, and some African American families. I also noticed, as a business marketing major, advertisements to match the different families. I thought to myself,” I’m going to miss […]

A Story Needing to Be Told

Two days ago I had to say goodbye to a woman that I met a week ago. Her name is Elena Orozco. Her name is the only thing she knows how to write down but the life she lives I’ll write down so that it is remembered and shared with others. Elena works at a […]

We have arrived!

It has been about a week that Fresno Pacific University students made it safely to Guatemala City after leaving Fresno on June 21. We are grateful for the partnership that we have with Casas (Central America Study and Service) and Semilla Latin American Seminary. Our host team, Vicki & Andrea, have been amazing in helping […]