(Inter)National Pride

Καλημέρα, Sunbirds. This is your fellow carbon-based organism, Fabio Avetisyan, blogging live from Greece. I have never in my memory set foot outside California, and I have never really been big on travel, so this particular adventure is special as it is my first trip in which I can potentially get three different types of […]

Athens: Arrivals, Adventures, and Acclimation

Greetings, FPU blog sphere! My name is Will DePledge, and I am one of the travelers from whom you will regularly hear. I am a business major with accounting and finance emphases at FPU, and this is the third study-abroad trip of my undergraduate career. As previously mentioned by Anthony Fredette, we have just joined […]

A Separate Departure

Greetings, Sunbirds. This is Anthony Fredette, one of three travelers to Greece who will be making a brief, one-week stop in the “boot” of the Mediterranean before arriving in Athens to meet up with the larger group. As the particular journey of our subgroup (Luis Ramos III, William DePledge, and yours truly) will be markedly […]