Moodle Tip: Close a Forum

I have had several teachers bring this scenario to me.  The time frame for posting/responding to a forum is over so the teacher “closes” the forum by closing the eye or putting a date restriction on the forum.  However the students cannot see or read anything in that forum any longer.  So the question is […]

Moodle Tip: 5 Types of Forums

Forums are probably one of the most widely used tools within the Moodle Course Management System (CMS).  However, many of the instructors do not realize that there are five different types of forums.  For a pop-up description of the forum, options just click on the question mark symbol and this box pops up. By default, […]

Using TurnItIn as a Teaching Tool

Many instructors use TurnItIn (TII) as a way to check for plagiarism, but it can be used for so much more.  By allowing the students to submit their draft multiple times, they can learn as they refine their paper.  Students can see areas that they should have cited and go back and add the citation […]

Moodle Tip: Profile Settings

Did you know that there are settings in your Moodle profile that can make your life much easier?  Just click on your name or “My profile settings” and then “Edit profile” and answer these few questions.   If you like to get emails from Moodle, you can make sure that your students can see your […]