Weekend Read: March 25-27

Librarians Find Themselves Caught Between Journal Pirates and Publishersfrom The Chronicle of Higher Education
Excerpt: “Academics are increasingly turning to websites like Sci-Hub to view subscriber-only articles that they cannot obtain at their college or that they need more quickly than interlibrary loan can provide…And while few, if any, librarians openly endorse piracy, many believe that the scholarly-publishing system is broken.”

How to Add The Human Element to Online Learning” from Faculty Focus
Excerpt:  “When working with instructors to design an online course, Merrill often begins by asking, “How would you design this course for face-to-face delivery” and “What kinds of things might be missing if the course is to be taught online?”

Asking questions like these can help keep presence in mind during design.

What Happens When Students Use Technology Better Than The Teachersfrom TeachThought
Excerpt: “…you hear how students talk about technology–what they’re able to do effortlessly–and it kind of intimidates you. And a tempting spot to retreat to is to say that learning doesn’t need technology… by not getting out ahead of this thing–technology in learning–what have we cost ourselves? 

Happy Good Friday; Happy Easter!