Slideshare: Online Presentations

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Slideshare is an online database filled with presentations on various subjects. This online tool can be used to find presentations for free. Virtually any subject can be found on Slideshare and if it you cannot find what you are looking for you can always upload your own to share with the SlideShare community! There are tons of sources featuring slideshows, videos, infographics, and documents. Uploading a presentation requires that the presentation is made before hand. You can upload a PowerPoint a PDF, or a series of images or slides to create a SlideShare.
SlideShare presentations can be linked or embedded right inside an online course.

Slideshare is beneficial to both students and educators. Educators and students can use this free database as an educational tool for any situation. The various topics make resources virtually unlimited. Below is a link to get you started with Slideshare! Faculty can use SlideShare to find supplementary digital materials to enhance their online course, while students may find SlideShare presentations that can aid with study or be useful resources in completing assignments.