Crash Course: Videos For Education

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Most educators show an educational video at some point during a course. A great tool for educational videos is the highly popular Youtube channel Crash Course. With nearly 4 million subscribers, Crash Course is comprised of videos created by noted author John Green, his brother Hank and their colleagues. Together, they have produced dozens of videos for a variety of subjects. Some include: Astronomy, Chemistry, Economics, Literature, and U.S. Government, and World History.

The videos featuring the Green Brothers, accompanied by animations and archival photos and footage. These videos are a great source for quick tidbits of information, delivered in an entertaining fashion. Educators can share these videos with their students so students can gain some extra information regarding certain subject. These videos can be used in combination with another online tool called Zaption to become interactive learning objects.

Crash Course image of a discussion about Dark Energy

Crash Course can be a valuable tool in the classroom. Educators can use this resource as a simple, enjoyable presentation of educational topics.