Weekend Read: February 26-28

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening at the intersection of Higher Education and Technology:

Never finished college? Washington state lawmakers want to help

Washington’s Free to Finish College bill, which is wending its way through the legislature with bipartisan support, calls for the state to cover tuition for residents who are 15 credits short of an associates or bachelor’s degree. Those folks must be pursuing their first college degree and must have dropped out of college at least three years ago to qualify..’“We want these students to finish up their degree, get a better job, so they can provide better for their family.'”

Analyzing Analytics at the University

“When you post an item on the course’s learning management system, you can see how many times someone has looked at a particular document. An hour or so before a discussion section, I check this statistic. If most students have seen it, then I plan for an engaged audience. If few students have seen it, then I either plan a lot of group work with opportunities to read along or I put together a pop quiz.”

Build More Collaboration into Your Online Class

“As a writing teacher, I know that students can be a tremendous support to each other as they move through the writing process. Emblematic of this is having students share their writing with an audience of peers in order to get feedback and revise their work.”