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Studying is an important part of school. However, most students spend their time working on a study guide than actually studying.  This can cause a lot of stress when it comes to tests. StudyBlue is an online database where students from different or the same universities can post flashcards to help them study. StudyBlue is a free resource to students, but the free version is restricted. The free version only allows you to view a select number of classes, and unlimited access is $7/month. StudyBlue allows students to test their knowledge with flash cards, study sheets, and quizzes.

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Not every course a student takes will be found on StudyBlue. However, those they do find could be very beneficial. They can study with information from their peers that they may not have gathered in their notes. This online resource is very beneficial to students. There are several ways to use StudyBlue. It can be used on a computer, phone, or tablet. Students can find notes for themselves, or they can upload notes to share with others. Even teachers can create accounts if they would like to upload some study material for their students. Forbes magazine referred to this online resource as, “one large study group”. This online database is beneficial to any student. Below is the link to StudyBlue. Start studying!