Clipix: Pin From Any Website

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Most people are familiar with the popular curation website Pinterest. You can scroll through thousands of items and pin whatever you like. However, you are constricted within the walls of the app or website. Clipix, a new free online innovation allows users to pin and curate anything they’d like from the internet. You can easily create boards similar to Pinterest. You can choose to keep your pin collection private or public. Clipix saves itself to your bookmark bar and is easily accessible when you wish to pin a resource to your collection board. When you find an interesting resource on the internet, then go ahead and clip it!

various clipix boards
photo credit: TechCrunch

How can this clipix benefit educators or students? This curation tool allows educators to gather information from any website, on any subject, and place it into one sharable source that can be linked to or embedded into a course. One advantage is the way clipix allows for the collection of YouTube videos – they are embedded within your board, so it is not necessary to go to a new tab. Educators can share their collection with their students to enhance the teaching of a particular subject, or they can simply keep the resources for their own use. Similarly, students can curate a collection of ‘clips’ as part of an assignment and share it with their instructor or other students. Below is a link to get you started!