Zaption: A Lesson in a Video


Zaption is an online tool that allows educators to create video lessons out of Youtube videos. What this means is that YouTube videos can be combined with interactive, response elements. Educators can use this tool to create quizzes within educational videos or find already made Zaption tours. This can be very helpful to educators who teach fully online courses.

A Zaption with a TED Talk
An example of a question along side the video.

Some of the response elements includes discussions, multiple choice, and polls. Any of these questions can be used through out the video. These videos can be shared to anyone by a URL or embedded into a course. Zaption also has a database full of videos that are open to use. Zaption is free, but you can upgrade to Zaption Pro for $89/ year. This would allow you to integrate your Zaption tours in Moodle (or any other LMS) and have the grades populate the gradebook directly.

Zaption is a new and innovative tool that is great for any classroom. If interested, there is also an app!