Moodle Tip: Profile Settings

Did you know that there are settings in your Moodle profile that can make your life much easier?  Just click on your name or “My profile settings” and then “Edit profile” and answer these few questions.



If you like to get emails from Moodle, you can make sure that your students can see your email address and choose to have email in plain text or fancier HTML (with links and pictures).  You can receive bundled messages once a day or get every single message as it is sent, and subscribe to get copies of forum posts as email if you wish.  Although, out of all of the options that you can set, the next one is my personal favorite – highlighting new posts tells you if you have already read each forum posting or reply and allows you to just spend you time reading new posts.  Then the final option here makes sure that you always get the text editing box that looks like a word processor, complete with formatting tools, instead of a plain box to type plain text into.