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Using BuzzSumo

Often in the course development process, professors look for articles, videos, graphics, or other items to augment the text book or lecture material, seeking to connect course content to current events. But where do you find this supplementary content? Go to Google and hope for the best? Give BuzzSumo a try! BuzzSumo is a web […]

Weekend Read: March 25-27

“Librarians Find Themselves Caught Between Journal Pirates and Publishers” from The Chronicle of Higher Education Excerpt: “Academics are increasingly turning to websites like Sci-Hub to view subscriber-only articles that they cannot obtain at their college or that they need more quickly than interlibrary loan can provide…And while few, if any, librarians openly endorse piracy, many […]

Slideshare: Online Presentations

Slideshare is an online database filled with presentations on various subjects. This online tool can be used to find presentations for free. Virtually any subject can be found on Slideshare and if it you cannot find what you are looking for you can always upload your own to share with the SlideShare community! There are […]

Crash Course: Videos For Education

Most educators show an educational video at some point during a course. A great tool for educational videos is the highly popular Youtube channel Crash Course. With nearly 4 million subscribers, Crash Course is comprised of videos created by noted author John Green, his brother Hank and their colleagues. Together, they have produced dozens of […]

Weekend Read: February 26-28

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening at the intersection of Higher Education and Technology: Never finished college? Washington state lawmakers want to help Excerpt: Washington’s Free to Finish College bill, which is wending its way through the legislature with bipartisan support, calls for the state to cover tuition for residents who are 15 credits short […]

Study Blue: Flashcards On The Go

Studying is an important part of school. However, most students spend their time working on a study guide than actually studying.  This can cause a lot of stress when it comes to tests. StudyBlue is an online database where students from different or the same universities can post flashcards to help them study. StudyBlue is […]

Weekend Read: February 12-14

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening at the intersection of Higher Education and Technology: Global Credit Transfer Excerpt: “..if an alliance of peer universities are willing to recognize one another’s courses for credit, it would massively expand the range of MOOCs on offer and their value to students.” 4 Ways to Use Social Media […]

Clipix: Pin From Any Website

Most people are familiar with the popular curation website Pinterest. You can scroll through thousands of items and pin whatever you like. However, you are constricted within the walls of the app or website. Clipix, a new free online innovation allows users to pin and curate anything they’d like from the internet. You can easily create boards […]

Weekend Read: February 5-7

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening at the intersection of Higher Education and Technology: Designing Effective Team Projects in Online Courses Excerpt: According to “The Impact of Technology on College Student Study Habits,” 87% of college students report that having access to data analytics regarding their academic performance can have a positive impact on […]