International Experience

Many years ago—in the early 90s—we “globalized” our curriculum. Our required “Civ” series (which combined Biblical studies, Church history and religious experience with the history of civilizations—fun to teach, and lots to grapple with) became a world civilizations course which included both Western and world civilizations. In English we included world readings along with tradition […]

Education in the Modern World

An interesting discussion reoccurred in one of our academic meetings this week. It comes up with some frequency–sometimes sides are picked, and sometimes a mediating solution is proposed. For the first time a way through came to mind with some clarity. So let me try it out. It is sometimes claimed, often in fact, that […]

College Hour—Honoring Faculty and Staff

This week is faculty and staff appreciation week, sponsored by our Office of Spiritual Formation. Led by Rev. Angulus Wilson, the department has been sending out notes and visiting the faculty and staff or the university and led a College Hour worship time focused on the theme. The worship team was composed of staff and […]

Hope for the New Year

This afternoon I will address our incoming class at the opening ceremony of orientation. It also happens to be how I approach education and the scholarly enterprise. Of course, much of it I have learned from my colleagues and mentors over the last 25+ years here at FPU. Here is what I will say to […]

Education, Religion and Crime

The most recent (Aug/Sept 2011) edition of First Things (which I heartily recommend) had a couple of articles that shed light on the practical benefits of education within a religious institution, and on higher education today, two subjects I spend much of my time thinking about. You might expect this from a journal the central […]

Reflecting on the Academic Year

It is now a month since the spring semester ended.  Faculty are off resting and researching.  Students are picking up extra units, on mission and service projects, or working, and perhaps playing some (needed and healthy).  It is time for some long-range planning, which requires some reflection on some of the events of the last months.  […]