On Reading and Misreading, Faith and Reason

A few months ago I picked up the French Philosopher Luc Ferry’s recent A Brief History of Thought: a philosophical guide to living. Ferry is a professor of philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris, and was for a couple of years the French Minister of National Education. He is an important figure in French intellectual […]

Faculty Appointments

It’s July 31, 2013 and we are just finishing the last appointments for the 2013-14 academic year which begins August 1, 2013, tomorrow! It is a long process that begins by departmental faculty forming position announcements for positions that have budgetary approval. These announcements must be approved by their Dean and the Provost and then […]

Master’s Degrees and Student Learning Outcomes

Fresno Pacific University is a master’s level comprehensive university, with a total enrollment this spring of just over 3500 students, about 1000 of these being master’s level students. The majority of our master’s level degrees are in education, but we also offer programs in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, and theology and divinity in our […]

Book Reviewing and Teaching

How does one (do I) keep myself fresh and sharp for the courses he or she (I) teaches? Anyone who has been a college or university student may be able to verify that textbooks are deathly dull. And I think this is more so for the professor than the student. I try to select the […]

Academic Rhythm

Thanksgiving is now past. We are in the fifteenth week of a sixteen week semester. This is the last week of classes, and final exams are given next week. Our winter commencement ceremony happens on the Saturday following finals (less than two weeks away). Many if not most of the term or research papers have […]

Education of the Future/Present

We keep hearing of the future of higher education, how it will change, how students will change, how we will have to change as educators and institutions. The “will” is no longer applicable.  It has changed, is changing, and we are responding, willingly or not. A dozen year’s ago now, I remember hearing a technology guru […]