“Habemus Papam!”

This is the Latin phrase shouted yesterday by crowds in Rome when the white smoke signaling the choice of new pope rose into the air, and when Pope Francis I appeared in his white robes. Mennonites and Evangelicals have historically not been much interested in the papacy, but all of that has changed both among these […]

Reformation Day

In five years, on October 31, 2017, we will celebrate the 500th  anniversary of Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg. Today is its 495th anniversary. Since that time, the “Wittenberg Door” has become a symbol of protest—we have one in our Steinert Campus Center, at the […]

Hope for the New Year

This afternoon I will address our incoming class at the opening ceremony of orientation. It also happens to be how I approach education and the scholarly enterprise. Of course, much of it I have learned from my colleagues and mentors over the last 25+ years here at FPU. Here is what I will say to […]