God is doing a new thing…now what do we do?

A couple of weeks ago I was honored to speak at the FPU Biblical Seminary’s chapel, on the topic of the title of this post. Here a slightly briefer version of the meditation. I hope it will afford you a glimpse into what we are doing here and thinking about. I offer a homily from […]


The spiritual discipline of walking and praying through a Labyrinth has become popular among a number of Christian traditions in recent decades, including Evangelical traditions. Some experience this practice as a moving and valued discipline that connects them with God in Christ. However, it is sometimes seen as a foreign or non-Christian innovation or intrusion […]

Are the Classics Enough?

I am throwing down the gauntlet. That’s a medieval custom—the knight throws down his armored glove in a challenge; his adversary picks it up accepting the challenge. My colleagues, Drs. Pam and Marshall Johnston (who both recently received the Nickel Excellence in Teaching Award at FPU—well deserved!) have been so successful in building our history […]

An Open Letter to Carly Fiorina, Senate Candidate

Dear Ms. Fiorina, Thank you for speaking at the Sunbird Conservatives Conference last Saturday, April 17, at Fresno Pacific University.  We appreciate the time you took to join us. You and the other two senatorial candidates offered all of us a chance to get an early look at the positions you each endorse and your […]