The Hidden Curriculum

I was honored to be invited to give the 2013 FPU commencement address. As President Menjares noted afterwards it was something of a tribute to our faculty. Below I have included only the descriptions of the three characteristics or “virtues” of our Hidden Curriculum. I have had to leave out all of the illustrative stories […]

Poetry at Pacific

Last week we were once again delighted by the annual “Visiting Writers Series” named in honor of and supported by two long time friends of Fresno Pacific Jean and Louis Janzen. Jean is well known both locally and nationally (and beyond) as a poet with what I think of as a sacramental insight and gift. […]

Education in the Modern World

An interesting discussion reoccurred in one of our academic meetings this week. It comes up with some frequency–sometimes sides are picked, and sometimes a mediating solution is proposed. For the first time a way through came to mind with some clarity. So let me try it out. It is sometimes claimed, often in fact, that […]

Hope for the New Year

This afternoon I will address our incoming class at the opening ceremony of orientation. It also happens to be how I approach education and the scholarly enterprise. Of course, much of it I have learned from my colleagues and mentors over the last 25+ years here at FPU. Here is what I will say to […]

Inspirational Professors

Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the annual Alpha Chi dessert to honor professors at Fresno Pacific. Alpha Chi is a national interdisciplinary honor society and our chapter has been very active, receiving the “Star Chapter” award for six years running. This is one of the highlights of my year. The students are […]

Traditions and Education

David Brooks of the New York Times is at it again. Whether or not you like his politics, he has insight into education that makes it worth commenting. In a Feb. 2 opinion piece entitled “How to Fight the Man,” he picks up story of a video clip that went viral. The maker of the […]

Provost’s Convocation—Callings

Last week we celebrated the opening of the Spring semester with a “Provost’s Convocation.” The theme for the day was “Finding our Calling: Stories from our College Years.” I asked a colleague from the faculty and one from our staff to join me in sharing our stories. And we encouraged students to ask their professors […]

New College Ratings—“First Things”

First Things, a journal of “religion and public life,” has periodically over its 20 years in press published insightful essays on both religious universities and the place of religion in secular institutions, both independent and state funded. It is one of those journals that anyone interested in the intersection of religion, theology, culture, and politics […]

Humanities in the National News

Students are on campus these days choosing their majors and registering for classes.  We had our biggest single day of early registration last month—about 110. Students are justifiably nervous about getting classes given the news from colleges all over the state.  Some schools are admitting fewer students (we are admitting more), and cutting class sections […]

An Open Letter to Carly Fiorina, Senate Candidate

Dear Ms. Fiorina, Thank you for speaking at the Sunbird Conservatives Conference last Saturday, April 17, at Fresno Pacific University.  We appreciate the time you took to join us. You and the other two senatorial candidates offered all of us a chance to get an early look at the positions you each endorse and your […]