Student Loans and Success

We’ve seen over the years an increasing reliance on student loans for education. Like it or not, and most of us don’t, this is the method that the federal government has chosen to emphasize and make available at subsidized rates. This in turn has shaped the costs and patterns of “financing” education. There are good […]

Investing in Higher Education–Loans

Last Wednesday (October 26, 2011) best selling business author Daniel Pink visited Fresno Pacific for our annual Business Forum. About 1000 business, education, and community leaders turned out at 7:30 AM to hear him speak on the topic of his most recent book, Drive. At noon he spoke to the business faculty and students, along […]

The Value of a University Education

Its fall again, which for those who are seniors in high school, their parents, and those of us who work with them it is time to renew the search for college in earnest. I say renew because serious students often begin their search in the freshman or sophomore year (junior at the latest) and simply […]

The Story on FPU and Independent Higher Education

You might be interested in what we do to make FPU affordable and to encourage student success—graduation in four years. This is the good news about FPU. Thanks to University Editor, Wayne Steffen, who always helps to make me sound intelligent. Jim Moore, news director KMPH-TV, Channel 26 Dear Jim, The segment “CSU may cut […]

Humanities in the National News

Students are on campus these days choosing their majors and registering for classes.  We had our biggest single day of early registration last month—about 110. Students are justifiably nervous about getting classes given the news from colleges all over the state.  Some schools are admitting fewer students (we are admitting more), and cutting class sections […]

Going to College–Dance of Joy

Ok this one is just for fun.  My wife, who teaches kindergarten in Clovis, celebrates with her students each week when all of them turn in their homework by doing the “dance of joy.”  For kindergartners it is a big thing.  Because this was the eighth time they had all done this, I was the […]

Education and the Economy

This one was forwarded to me by a colleague at Fresno Pacific, and I think deserves a comment.  On June 6 The Wall Street Journal ( posted an article entitled “The Less Educated Take the Worst Hit.”  The gist of the story was that those with less education have been hardest hit in this recesssion, […]

What to do with higher ed…now

Those of us who have spent our lives toiling away in the fields of higher education rarely get asked to contribute to the real world. Too much ivory, and too high in the tower for anyone’s good, I suppose. But when invited to the party, it would be impolite to decline. So here I am ready to make an […]