Mastery and Gift

I was asked to speak at the MA in Leadership/MBA Graduate dinner for the School of Business Dinner last week. There are many such events near commencement as programs and schools celebrate the success of their students. It gave me a chance to think about what it means to have a “masters” degree. I like […]

Essay Collections—Continuing our Education

Last Sunday, October 30, was Reformation Sunday. Each year on the Sunday closest to October 31st many Protestant churches remember the Reformation, and reflect in sermons or Sunday School on the great themes of the Reformation: Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Scripture Alone, and the Priesthood of All Believers. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed […]

Reflecting on the Academic Year

It is now a month since the spring semester ended.  Faculty are off resting and researching.  Students are picking up extra units, on mission and service projects, or working, and perhaps playing some (needed and healthy).  It is time for some long-range planning, which requires some reflection on some of the events of the last months.  […]

An Open Letter to Carly Fiorina, Senate Candidate

Dear Ms. Fiorina, Thank you for speaking at the Sunbird Conservatives Conference last Saturday, April 17, at Fresno Pacific University.  We appreciate the time you took to join us. You and the other two senatorial candidates offered all of us a chance to get an early look at the positions you each endorse and your […]