Why is our enrollment up?

Our enrollment is up. This is a good thing for a university that is, as we say, enrollment driven.  We are a not-for-profit institution, but fundraising only supplements our expenses and builds buildings among other things.  To cover our basic costs (teaching, classes, etc.) we rely on enrollment, that is, tuition income.  So when enrollment is […]

Christians in College and Christian Colleges

Believe it or not families are beginning to search out colleges for their upcoming high school seniors.  Summer vacations are conveniently being taken near possible universities, and the internet is buzzing with searches for the right place, the right feel, the best for each student’s intended major. (I say “intended” because the majority of students will […]

Going to College–Dance of Joy

Ok this one is just for fun.  My wife, who teaches kindergarten in Clovis, celebrates with her students each week when all of them turn in their homework by doing the “dance of joy.”  For kindergartners it is a big thing.  Because this was the eighth time they had all done this, I was the […]

No Increase in Tuition–Our Risk

Yesterday Fresno Pacific University announced that it would not raise tuition levels in any of its programs for the 2010-11 academic year.  This is the first time that we have not raised rates in 30 years (that’s as far back as we checked).  We, of course, cannot “collaborate” with other universities on this kind of a […]

Making it through the Financial Aid Maze

In the last 24 hours I have spent some time explaining the world of financial aid and getting into College to both prospective students to our Board of Trustees.  It seems like such a foreign world with strange acronyms (FAFSA), and programs (Cal Grant, Pell Grant, ACG) and forbidding bureaucracies and their own deadlines and […]

“Get Into College”

The year for high school seniors who are working on college applications is moving rapidly to the dates when applications are to be submitted, test scores and transcripts ordered, and scholarships researched.  It is never easy, and I am often (really–often– as in many, many times a year) asked how parents can negotiate it all.  It […]

Welcome to the New Year

The fall semester has started or perhaps exploded. All year students and families have been hesitant to commit to the year, traditional aged and adult students.  They have visited us more times than in past years, asked more questions, and presented more problems that needed solutions (often financial) before they could make the commitment to begin […]

Faculty Mentoring

A couple of weeks ago we had three TV stations on campus reporting on our enrollment, the room we have at Fresno Pacific University for students, financial aid avialablility, and our new four year graduation guarantee.  (You can see one of the reports at http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/video?id=6919536 .)  While we were waiting, as the room full of students […]

Education and the Economy

This one was forwarded to me by a colleague at Fresno Pacific, and I think deserves a comment.  On June 6 The Wall Street Journal (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124424363293190441.html) posted an article entitled “The Less Educated Take the Worst Hit.”  The gist of the story was that those with less education have been hardest hit in this recesssion, […]

Cal Grant and Students Who Succeed

Yesterday the Governor of California announced a budget for the coming year which would slash (this appears not to be an exaggeration) away funding for many state services—in health and welfare, education and public safety to name a few. Of course little seems to be said about making the state more business-friendly to raise tax […]