Faculty Appointments

It’s July 31, 2013 and we are just finishing the last appointments for the 2013-14 academic year which begins August 1, 2013, tomorrow! It is a long process that begins by departmental faculty forming position announcements for positions that have budgetary approval. These announcements must be approved by their Dean and the Provost and then […]


Last week we celebrated the inauguration of FPU’s eleventh President, Dr. Pete C. Menjares. The festivities began with a prayer time at the cross on the green (about our only piece of religious art on campus—more on this another time) on Monday, continued through a special College Hour on Wednesday and a special dinner for […]

Francis Chan, Thank You…

Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love, Erasing Hell, and Forgotten God, was the speaker at Fresno Pacific University’s annual Ministry Forum this week. He is an engaging and substantive speaker—1300 pastors, youth and lay leaders of churches and para-church organizations turned out to our Special Events Center to hear him, about double our largest previous […]

Education, Religion and Crime

The most recent (Aug/Sept 2011) edition of First Things (which I heartily recommend) had a couple of articles that shed light on the practical benefits of education within a religious institution, and on higher education today, two subjects I spend much of my time thinking about. You might expect this from a journal the central […]

John Stott, 1921-2011

You may have heard that John Stott passed away this week. There is an extensive obituary and appreciation of his long career as pastor, teacher, writer and Christian activist in Christianity Today. Stott is best known in this part of the world, I think, for his book Basic Christianity. I remember reading this in my […]

New College Ratings—“First Things”

First Things, a journal of “religion and public life,” has periodically over its 20 years in press published insightful essays on both religious universities and the place of religion in secular institutions, both independent and state funded. It is one of those journals that anyone interested in the intersection of religion, theology, culture, and politics […]

Christians in College and Christian Colleges

Believe it or not families are beginning to search out colleges for their upcoming high school seniors.  Summer vacations are conveniently being taken near possible universities, and the internet is buzzing with searches for the right place, the right feel, the best for each student’s intended major. (I say “intended” because the majority of students will […]

MB Biblical Seminary Joins Fresno Pacific University

Today the announcement was made, in the words of the press release, that the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary will transfer its programs to FPU, and that seminary faculty will become FPU faculty, etc. over the next few months.  Some of us have known this was probably going to happen for a couple of weeks, but not […]

What a Good University Does

We are getting ready for commencement this week.  Students are taking and faculty are grading final exams.  By the middle of next week, students will be off to summer work, or missions, or camps, or study-travel tours–or taking more classes to catch up or get ahead.  The pace will change, and most will take mental […]