College Fairs Coming Up

This week I told my colleagues in the President’s Cabinet here at FPU that our year in admissions ended last week on Thursday (of the first week of the semester), we took a break on Friday, and headed out on the road on Monday.  That got  a laugh, but it wasn’t quite true enough.  As […]

Why is our enrollment up?

Our enrollment is up. This is a good thing for a university that is, as we say, enrollment driven.  We are a not-for-profit institution, but fundraising only supplements our expenses and builds buildings among other things.  To cover our basic costs (teaching, classes, etc.) we rely on enrollment, that is, tuition income.  So when enrollment is […]

Christians in College and Christian Colleges

Believe it or not families are beginning to search out colleges for their upcoming high school seniors.  Summer vacations are conveniently being taken near possible universities, and the internet is buzzing with searches for the right place, the right feel, the best for each student’s intended major. (I say “intended” because the majority of students will […]

“Get Into College”

The year for high school seniors who are working on college applications is moving rapidly to the dates when applications are to be submitted, test scores and transcripts ordered, and scholarships researched.  It is never easy, and I am often (really–often– as in many, many times a year) asked how parents can negotiate it all.  It […]

Our Rich Variety of Universities

[vimeo][/vimeo]Education is in the news.  I think it should always be there, but then I am a bit biased in its favor. Earlier  this week Fresno Pacific’s good enrollment news was on the local TV stations–we’re up 11% overall.  On Tuesday we had a little celebration on the campus green–ice cream and good cheer all around […]

Choosing a College that Fits You

This week we are out on the road again at College Fairs for traditional undergraduates sponsored by the various county offices of education, next week the Christian College Fairs.  There is always a good turn out with busloads of kids with their teachers, and parents with their kids.  It is noisy, exciting, intimidating.  Students and parents walk […]