The Deeper Dimension of Business Ethics

The traditional semester for undergraduate and graduate courses begins in just two weeks. I and my fellow professors are now finishing revisions to our courses. This happens often for me, as it does this year, after reading new material, new scholarship, or catching up on topics we have felt some weakness in. I know others […]

Business Education and the Liberal Arts

Just this month in the courier-journal, Daniel Sullivan, President Emeritus of St. Lawrence University, summarized some recent thinking and research on business education and what is most needed. He noted that the skills business people need are gained in the traditional liberal arts, and not in specialized business programs. These kinds of skills are, as […]

TOMS shoes taught us something about business

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes, spent the day with us at Fresno Pacific a couple of weeks ago at our annual Business Forum. He told his story—how he founded TOMS (which stands for “tomorrow’s”), how children without shoes and thus without education moved him to adopt TOMS’s unique mission, and how the public has […]

Ethics Experiment

Teaching ethics is a tricky business. At least in my experience, the first problem is our generally inadequate notion of what ethics is about. When we hear about morals or ethics in common speech—or in one of the forms of media—it is most often assumed to be about decision-making in difficult situations. How do we […]

Rotaract Club

Our semester has started once again.  I took a break from the blog, celebrated the birth of Christ, traveled a bit (maybe more on this later) and helped get the semester started.  Enrollment is good (definitely more on this later), and students and faculty are working away in classes, reading, writing, performing, interning, and all […]

Ethical Learning

At the end of my business ethics final, I asked students to reflect on what they had learned through the semester about how to be ethical.  We cover various ethical theories, how ethics can become part of the culture of a business, and why it should, along with a large number of case studies.  But there is also the personal […]

Turning to Teaching–Business Ethics

We are heading into the final weeks of summer, the weeks before the semester begins.  Teachers and professors everywhere are beginning to have dreams, literally, about the academic year.  Some of these are nightmares, and some are pleasant.  They are part of the rethinking process.  What will I do differently this semester?  What worked and what […]