“Get Into College”

The year for high school seniors who are working on college applications is moving rapidly to the dates when applications are to be submitted, test scores and transcripts ordered, and scholarships researched.  It is never easy, and I am often (really–often– as in many, many times a year) asked how parents can negotiate it all.  It […]

Our Rich Variety of Universities

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/6797698[/vimeo]Education is in the news.  I think it should always be there, but then I am a bit biased in its favor. Earlier  this week Fresno Pacific’s good enrollment news was on the local TV stations–we’re up 11% overall.  On Tuesday we had a little celebration on the campus green–ice cream and good cheer all around […]

Choosing a College that Fits You

This week we are out on the road again at College Fairs for traditional undergraduates sponsored by the various county offices of education, next week the Christian College Fairs.  There is always a good turn out with busloads of kids with their teachers, and parents with their kids.  It is noisy, exciting, intimidating.  Students and parents walk […]

Welcome to the New Year

The fall semester has started or perhaps exploded. All year students and families have been hesitant to commit to the year, traditional aged and adult students.  They have visited us more times than in past years, asked more questions, and presented more problems that needed solutions (often financial) before they could make the commitment to begin […]

Thanks for the Good News Fresno Bee

Time to make amends. A few months ago I complained in this space about the media and their seeming relish in reporting bad news. Today the Fresno Bee reported good news in our enrollment picture, and how we are helping students find a place to study. You can see the article here. The article was as detailed as […]

Faculty Mentoring

A couple of weeks ago we had three TV stations on campus reporting on our enrollment, the room we have at Fresno Pacific University for students, financial aid avialablility, and our new four year graduation guarantee.  (You can see one of the reports at http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/video?id=6919536 .)  While we were waiting, as the room full of students […]

Turning to Teaching–Business Ethics

We are heading into the final weeks of summer, the weeks before the semester begins.  Teachers and professors everywhere are beginning to have dreams, literally, about the academic year.  Some of these are nightmares, and some are pleasant.  They are part of the rethinking process.  What will I do differently this semester?  What worked and what […]

Budget Cuts and Room for Students

Yesterday I was interviewed by our local Fox affiliate KMPH regarding Fresno Pacific University and the news from Fresno State and other CSU campuses that class sections are being cut  as a result of the expected state budget.  This followed news last week that they would not accept further applications for the fall semester or for next spring.  […]

Education and the Economy

This one was forwarded to me by a colleague at Fresno Pacific, and I think deserves a comment.  On June 6 The Wall Street Journal (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124424363293190441.html) posted an article entitled “The Less Educated Take the Worst Hit.”  The gist of the story was that those with less education have been hardest hit in this recesssion, […]

Graduation Rates and Student Success

You may have seen or heard about the USA Todayarticle on June 3, based on an American Enterprise Institute study of graduation rates at colleges around the country, “4-year colleges graduate 53% in 6 years.” In the first line the author of the article reports that the study calls the 6-year graduation rate esentially a failure, and […]