Common Sense and the Common Core: Adding Integers

Adding Integers Grade 7, Math CCSS:  Math.7.NS.A.1c Adding integers is tricky and students need support!  The concept of numbers having additive inverses on a side of the number line that for years didn’t exist in their schema, can be very hard for students to grasp when they first see this concept in late elementary school. […]

Book Review: A Must Read for the New and Experienced Teacher

This blog entry was written by Dr. Mabel Franks, Professional Development Instructor for Continuing Education at FPU. How to Teach So Students Remember by Marilee Sprenger (2006) is an excellent, user-friendly resource for both new and tenured teachers, K-adult.  The author applies what we know about learning and memory to strategies that increase and deepen […]

Five Steps to Successful Lessons

This blog entry was written by Jennifer Owens, Director of Independent Studies at FPU. A recent article by Mike Schmoker (The Lost Art of Teaching Soundly Structure Lessons, June 4, 2013 on Education Week Teacher web site ) reminded me that the need for effective strategies for teaching and learning has not really changed since […]