The Journey Begins …

Well … the time has come for me to embark on the long and exciting journey towards a doctorate degree.   This week I begin coursework at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara.  For the first two semesters, my courses will be focused on virtual learning and the necessary skills needed to become a better online […]

To iPad or not to iPad: That is the question.

On Wednesday, Apple came out with another device that got the world’s attention. Some of us watched the online commercials, keynote, and buzz around the web, trying to decide if this was the latest technology that you can’t live without. In the past few days, it has been interesting to read peoples responses online. It […]

The Seven Wonders of the World Wide Web

Happy New Year to all! On January 4th, I had the opportunity to share with elementary and middle school educators at Forest Lake Christian School which is located just north of Auburn, CA.   I focused my presentation on websites that have resources to engage students in the classroom.   In fact, I started off with a […]

Rise Above the Noise!

On Thursday of last week, continuing education hosted a workshop entitled, “Rise Above the Noise” at our North Fresno Center.  The focus of this workshop was social media marketing.  At the workshop, Nick Gundry and Lisa Alvey shared tips, tools and techniques for using social media in marketing.   Nick and Lisa are responsible for this […]

Animoto – it rocks!

Let’s continue the discussion of Web 2.0 tools.   Another one of my favorite presentation tools is   This application allows you to upload your photos and/or videos to the website, select music, text, and effects, and then create a dynamic slideshow for the web.  Animoto will allow you to create 30 seconds for free or […]

Web 2.0 in the Classroom

For the next few weeks (or months), I want to highlight Web 2.0 applications and how they can be used in the classroom.  I have an extensive background in educational technology and its successful use to further student learning.  In fact, I currently teach courses for our School of Education in the area of integrating […]

Welcome to Continuing Education at FPU!

At FPU, we offer continuing education to individuals throughout the world.   We believe in lifelong learning and we strive to help individuals meet their educational goals through distance learning, workshops, and conferences.   This blog will be dedicated to providing insight and inspiration for individuals as they pursue lifelong learning.  So … check back often to […]