Continuing the Conversation

Last week, I attended and presented at the California Computer Using Educators (CUE) conference in Palm Springs, CA. It was a positive, highly engaging experience for more than 3000 K-14 educators. There were more than 100 sessions on integrating technology into the classroom. Every tech tool imaginable was demonstrated on the product floor and each […]

The State of the Education Nation

This week, I have been watching online the NBC coverage of the “Education Nation” summit.  It has been interesting to hear as various voices throughout the nation grapple with educational issues.   Just like everybody else, I have some opinions when it comes to the state of our education in the United States.   For me, I […]

Learning Styles

Everybody is unique.  God created us to be unique individuals that have specific personalities, abilities, and traits.  Not a one of us is alike.  This is also true when it comes to learning. Since the early 1900’s, educational researchers have been investigating types of learning styles.  Today, we talk about ‘multiple intelligences’, ‘taxonomies’, ‘personality types’, […]

Quality is King!

In my coursework this week, we are focusing on instructional design for online courses.   We are debating the merits of different methods and instructional strategies.   We are identifying resources for learning objects and comparing the similarities and differences between face to face teaching to online teaching.  The discussions have been valuable and I have learned […]

Communicating online effectively

When we communicate online with others, hurt feelings can result if we are not careful.   Last week, I experienced some of this in my current online doctorate class.  I don’t believe my classmates meant to do this but nevertheless, I felt criticized after many hours of hard work and it caused me not to want […]

The World is Open

In my research for my course paper this week, I spent some time in Dr. Curtis Bonk’s book, Empowering Online Learning:  100 + Activities for Reading, Reflecting, Displaying and Doing.  Dr. Bonk was the keynote speaker at our very 1st BLEND (Better Learning through Engagement, Networking and Delivery) Conference at FPU in 2008.   He challenged […]

Meet the Jetsons !

Well … the iPhone 4 is about to come out and it looks like for the 1st time, we can interact like the Jetsons!   Video phone calls are no longer in the future.   I know, you are thinking about applications such as Skype and other videoconferencing applications that have been available for a long time […]

Online Groupwork

This week, in my studies at Fielding, we have been focusing on online group work.  We have been learning about the theory and we have been asked to experience it next week as we participate in an online debate.   Now … I will be honest.  The process makes me a little apprehensive and I am […]

Creating Community Online

In my studies this week, my classmates and I have been debating how to create community in an online course and how this affects learning both positively and negatively.  The discussion has been robust and continues to rage in our discussion forums.  I, personally, am wrestling with my thoughts as well and trying to apply […]

Reflections on Learning

In my studies this week, we have been focusing ’empowering students’ by encouraging students to ‘reflect upon their learning’ as they go through an online course (or any course for that matter). I truly believe in the power of ‘reflective practice’ but it seems that in might not be truly possible in the U.S. right […]