The Technology Fast

Have you ever thought about fasting from technology?  This last semester I had the privilege of teaching THEO 720, Theology, Technology and Spirituality, for the FPU Biblical Seminary Ministry, Leadership and Culture Masters Program.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching these young ministry leaders and hearing their insights on technology and the connection to our theology and spirituality. One of the assignments for the course […]

The Mouse and the Cell Phone

As a father of a 20-year-old, 18-year-old, and a 16-year-old, I have faced the challenges of the cell phone, and the distractions that it has added to 21st-century family life.  We have had many “dumb” phones and “smart” phones for our teenagers along the way.  They have been used for keeping in touch with our […]

Connected Educators

Just recently, some of our graduate students finished our “Creating on the Web” course.  This course is part of our Master’s in Educational Technology.  One of the goals for the course is for students to become a “Connected Educator.” A Connected Educator is an individual who uses 21st-century technologies to connect and collaborate with other […]

Circling the Wagons: Helping Parents Protect Kids in Cyberspace

  How do parents protect their children in a networked world? How can parents encourage their children to make good decisions online? How can we live a balanced life while using technology? As I step into the role of Program Director for the Educational Technology Master’s Degree Program at FPU, I wrestle with these questions […]

Creating a Well-Oiled Classroom Machine: Part 2

You have been back in school for a few weeks now. The holidays are over and your beloved time off has come and gone (it happens so fast, doesn’t it?  Keep counting the days until Spring Break!).   We are sure that you are back in the groove, creating tests, planning lessons and wondering again how […]

Creating a Well-Oiled Classroom Machine: Part I

Classroom Management is a topic that we approach with high hopes and enthusiasm.  Many teachers may surf the net, expectantly looking for articles in hopes of  finding a strategy or a secret that is going to miraculously solve our management issues.  We do not have secrets or quick fixes in this article but we do […]

Google Apps for the Classroom

Over 40 Million Students, Teachers and Administrators are using Google Apps for Education. Are you? Schools all over the world are using Google Classroom to organize their classes, introduce their students to technology that will help the advance their career and their lives and have a lot of fun with interactive, technology-driven classrooms. According to […]

Is Google Classroom Right for You?

Google shipped 715,500 Chromebook laptop computers in the 3rd Quarter of 2014 compared to 702,000 iPads during the same time according to IDC, the market research firm.  The Google Chromebook sells for as little at $199 and now accounts for more than ¼ of the market. So … Is Google Classroom or Google Apps for […]

Goodnight iPad …

Apple and other technology companies continue to make gadgets that spark our imagination and take our money. In fact, I have a strong desire to purchase an iPhone 6 right now but my rational side (and wife) are helping me to keep my wallet in my pocket. Am I addicted? Do I need more balance […]