Connected Educators

Connected Educator
Image courtesy of wtbates1 on Flickr

Just recently, some of our graduate students finished our “Creating on the Web” course.  This course is part of our Master’s in Educational Technology.  One of the goals for the course is for students to become a “Connected Educator.”

A Connected Educator is an individual who uses 21st-century technologies to connect and collaborate with other teachers across the hall and across the world to further their teaching practices.  These teacher leaders are developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN) through social media, blogging, websites, etc. to share teaching ideas with others as well as gather teaching ideas from others.   The development of their PLN is a dynamic adventure where they attend Twitter chats, develop websites/blogs, and discover resources for their instruction that can be found in cyberspace.

The signature assignment for this course is to develop a connected educator website.   Below are student twitter handles and links to their websites.   Please take a moment to review them and connect with these technology leaders.  You will be glad that you did!