Google Apps for the Classroom

Over 40 Million Students, Teachers and Administrators are using Google Apps for Education. Are you?

Schools all over the world are using Google Classroom to organize their classes, introduce their students to technology that will help the advance their career and their lives and have a lot of fun with interactive, technology-driven classrooms.

According to Google’s blog for Google Classroom, students in rural Australia are using Google Classroom to communicate with astronauts on the International Space Station. A school in Mexico, without any IT support at all was able to go completely paperless and give their kids hope for a future by developing skills they will need to secure a future for themselves.

When we read of Google Classroom as the catalyst for students like this, all over the country, it makes us ask, what are our teachers and students doing with Google Classroom?  Not sure yet how to use Google Classroom to teach better, help your students learn better or save you time? Here are a few things we have found on the Internet that will help you learn more, get motivated or meet others that are using Google Classroom to be better teachers

  1. Here is how a small group of educators in India are improving their classes.

  1. Join a Google Educator Group. Or, better yet, start one for your area. Learn all you need about groups all over the world here.
  1. Take a FPU Professional Development Course!   Join our in-house Google Classroom expert Ed Warkentin as he helps you build powerful classroom programs in his class “All Things Google” (TEC 957).
  1. Join an online Forum of educators from all over the world and learn from your peers. You can search for them but here is one particular Forum that we found that you may want to check out.

Not sure where to begin? Have a question?  We are here to help.  In fact, we are so excited about Google Apps that we would like to connect with you through Google Hangout.   Our goal is to answer your questions and get your thoughts about how you are using Google Apps in the Classroom.  We want to know what is working well for you and how we can help you learn more.

Join us Live on a Google Hangout!  Leave a comment below with your email address and we will be in touch.