Common Sense and the Common Core: Supporting Computations in Division

Welcome back to our video series.   This episode focuses on another lesson with Assistant Math Professor in our School of Education, Darrel Blanks.

This lesson examines how the standards support the computations that students do in the area of division.  Mr. Blanks will demonstrate two concepts of division developed in 3rd grade which will later be used in math that is found in subsequent grades.   Students who can see both of these concepts of division, making equal groups or taking out equal groups.  These concepts provide a foundation upon which students can understand procedures associated with division which allows students to determine the reasonableness of their answer. The lesson will demonstrate that this same approach may be used in a 6th grade division problem for fractions as well.

We hope you enjoyed the video from our special guest, Assistant Professor at Fresno Pacific University, Darrell Blanks?  As you can see, he is definitely an expert in his field.  He has taught grades 2nd through 8th and he has served as a math coach for grades K-8 over the course of the 26 years in public education. He has for the past 6 years been the instructor for the Teaching Elementary Mathematics course in the teacher education program at Fresno Pacific University.  If you have a question for Darrell, feel free to ask … Contact Darrell Blanks through his website…

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