Student Engagement: A Key to Success

  • This blog entry was written by Matt Gehrett, Executive Director, Online and Continuing Education at FPU.

Keeping students engaged in the classroom is a key factor for success in the 21st century classroom.   One way to do this is through Project Based Learning.  In my 20 + years of experience in education, I find that teachers who offer opportunities for Project Based Learning (PBL) increase student engagement in the classroom.  Their students get excited about a hands-on, dynamic approach that allows them to direct their own learning and solve real world problems.   Many times these teachers also use technology effectively to enhance their student learning.  To see this teaching strategy  in action, watch this video from one of our professional development partners, PD360.

So … as the new year begins, don’t forget to add PBL to your bag of teaching tricks.  Make a commitment to keep your students engaged throughout the year.  If you need some help getting started, you might check out this professional development course on Project Based Learning from Fresno Pacific University as well.