Eureka! I Found It! – A Common Core Lesson Plan Template

  • This blog entry was written by Janet Adams MA, Special Projects Coordinator for Continuing Education at FPU.

“Back to School” sales are out and we have a few weeks of intensive teacher training, classroom preparation, and lesson plan development.  With help from the web, Twitter, Pinterest, and education site blogs, I searched deep and wide for a lesson plan template that would align with the new COMMON CORE Standards. One  that would be easy to use and preferably web based.   My goal was to build or locate a lesson template that could be used right now and for all grades. Additionally, I did not want to leave out support certificated staff like Special Education, English Language Learners, administration, and of course parent access.  After a two hours of searching, I found this awesome lesson plan from one simple comment on a teacher blog.  I looked it up and began to build my lessons to try it out.  I love the design and ease of use, plus the complete lesson plan program is only $12/year.

The Common Core and additional standards are available in a drop down list. You can run reports on the standards you have covered in your lessons. Standards reporting allows you to view national, state, or local standards, and to report by specific subjects, categories and date ranges. The reports will also tell you the number of times each standard is taught.

Sharing your plan online will be so easy when you need a substitute teacher or when your students are absent and missed assignments can be completed at home.

I want to pass this site on so you can take a look!

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