Online Groupwork

This week, in my studies at Fielding, we have been focusing on online group work.  We have been learning about the theory and we have been asked to experience it next week as we participate in an online debate.   Now … I will be honest.  The process makes me a little apprehensive and I am definitely out of my comfort zone.   Don’t get me wrong.  I like (face-to-face) group work  but doing it online makes it much more difficult.    In fact, how do you make sure everybody participates?  How do you successfully work in an asynchronous mode with other students in other time zones?  How do you assess student work effectively?    These a  just a few of the questions that have been swirling in my mind.

As I read through our course textbooks, my questions are being answered.   But just today, I found this great website at the University of British Columbia that summarizes the strategies needed for successfully working online as a group.   Please click on this link and take a look.   You can get the gist of what I am learning and start to apply these strategies to your own teaching.  Enjoy!

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