To iPad or not to iPad: That is the question.

On Wednesday, Apple came out with another device that got the world’s attention. Some of us watched the online commercials, keynote, and buzz around the web, trying to decide if this was the latest technology that you can’t live without. In the past few days, it has been interesting to read peoples responses online. It seems that you either love it or hate it. Especially, in the area of education, some feel it could make a definite impact and others think that it isn’t anything new.  For me, it comes down to a concept that I apply to all technology use.   Is this technology the right tool for the job?   Does the technology get out of the way and allow you to be more effective in what you do everyday?   This applies to adults as well as students in the classroom.

For me, as a parent, I long for the day when the school district where my children attend, uses a device such as this to get rid of monster backpacks that my kids carry each day.   We no longer need to break the backs of our children with heavy books and notebooks.  Textbooks can be enhanced with all the bells and whistles of the internet and multimedia with a device such as this.   I believe we have taken another step towards a reality which could make a definite difference in the classroom.   And … isn’t great that we can have this debate to let hardware companies and app developers know what we would like to see in the next versions of these  products so they can truly be tools that transform education.  I also believe a tool like this inspires the current generation to become the ‘Steve Jobs’ of the future.  I know these tools inspire my children.

Just a few of my thoughts … what do you think?   How do you answer … To iPad or not to iPad?


  1. Matt

    I agree … The world has to catch up with technology. I pitched this very thought — issue our students an iPad with books, readings, syllabi, etc… Preloaded — at the graduate school where I teach. I got 15 seconds of silence and blank stares. Oh well.

    Written from my iPad

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