The Seven Wonders of the World Wide Web

Happy New Year to all!

On January 4th, I had the opportunity to share with elementary and middle school educators at Forest Lake Christian School which is located just north of Auburn, CA.   I focused my presentation on websites that have resources to engage students in the classroom.   In fact, I started off with a youtube video that highlights this very concept.   As I have shared with teachers throughout my career, I believe that technology makes a difference when skilled teachers provide assignments that engage students by allowing them to create, remix, and publish their work.   Whether we like it or not, we have digital natives in our classrooms that have grown up with these tools and they want to use them.  If you are interested in some of my “wonders of the web” that I shared with those teachers, you can click here and follow the path.

I know this is my list of wonders and there are many more out there.   If you would like to add one of your own “wonders” or comment on how you used one of these in your classroom, please share …