Where do we go from here?

The accreditation visit is over. Where do we go from here? Over the last several years we have become a different kind of institution. To our ongoing and vibrant academic and spiritual discussion about how we are to serve in the modern world, how we practice professions and model the Christian life, we have added […]

WASC, Part Two

Point Two In Point One of this “Connecting Points” we called ourselves to pray, to ask our Father for our daily bread in Jesus name. The daily bread of a Christ-centered university includes being accredited. Without accreditation our mission is not achievable. Our FPU daily bread also includes wise discernment about doing God’s will and […]

Points of Prayer

All FPU faculty and staff—and many students—are aware that the five members of the WASC accreditation site visit team are on the main campus today after two of them visited the Bakersfield Center on Tuesday. The team is very well suited to understand our Christ-centered educational mission and our special role in our region, our […]

Complexity and Simplicity

Today was a full day for me: in a cabinet meeting we planned for the WASC accreditation visit next week, discussed the agenda of the university diversity committee, made some plans for summer and reviewed fundraising, marketing and communications, and the seminary; at lunch an alumnus talked about life after university and how his FPU […]

Reality Therapy

Mock WASC we call it, as in mock trial or mock battle. Not mock as in making fun of something, but as in rehearsing to prepare for the real thing. In this case the real thing is the visit of a team of higher education professionals from other WASC-accredited institutions who will help us see […]

Fresno Pacific – A Regional University

Fresno Pacific University is a distinctly regional university. The Valley has unique needs and FPU has learned both to adapt to and serve these needs. Our education credentials and master’s degrees address the requirements of local schools. Our seminary graduates serve in local and regional churches from many denominations, as well as in MB churches […]